Desmond Evans

DE Desmond Evans of Sanford, NC has been a frequent visitor to USC. He was in for two games last season and a junior day in March. The Gamecocks are on one of his strongest recruiters and figure to be among his favorites when he drops a top list before his season. He hasn’t made any recent visits or camps because he’s been focused on getting ready for his season, but he plans a return visit for next weekend.

He is going to UNC this Sunday for a camp. Evans is coming back to Columbia with a teammate to watch him in camp, but he’s not going to workout himself. The Gamecocks already have a good idea about him as a player.

“They just say they really want me and I’m their number one guy I guess,” Evans said Wednesday night, adding he hears from a Gamecock coach every day. “I feel kind of good about them.”

Evans said he also plans to visit Tennessee, Clemson, Texas A&M and Ohio State. He said he hasn’t heard that much from Clemson but he wants to take a visit nonetheless.

Evans said he doesn’t have a favorite and he’s looking at the end of his season before making a decision.