#STRecruiting: Center prospect Isaac Sowells to make first game day with #Gamecocks

Isaac Sowells

2025 center Isaac Sowells (6-2 292) of Louisville, KY made 11 camp stops last summer. One of those was to USC. Gamecocks offensive line coach Lonnie Teasley and Player Personnel Director for the Offensive Line Sam Serbay following Sowells on social media and invited him to camp. He took them up on their offer and must have impressed them because it wasn’t long after that, June 22nd to be exact, he got the offer from the Gamecocks.

“They waited a few more days and I was actually on the way to my last week of camps.  I stopped by Wake Forest, and coach Teasley called me up and told me they were going to offer me,” Sowells said.  “He said he likes how well I sit in the pocket.  I’m a really strong pass setter.  He likes my versatility.  This season I’ve had to play some tackle, so I was able to go out and play in space.  He likes how I maul in the run game, stuff like that.  My main position is center. That’s where I started the season, but some things changed, and I did what was best for the team and got moved out to tackle.”

But center is the position for which Sowells is being recruited, and he believes he brings the right set of skills to that position.

“I’d say I’ve got good length,” Sowells said.  “I have arms of a person who is probably around six-foot-seven, six-foot-eight, so that really helps me keep D-linemen from getting into my chest, so I create a good, strong position in the pocket for my quarterback.  I’d say I’m great in the run game.  I can pull from the center position.  I feel like that’s something most centers can’t do that I can very well.  I can reach three techniques.  I can take a solo one-on-one the whole game.  Just some things I think that are really good about my game.”

Sowells has not been back to USC since last June, but he along with his parents and younger brother will be in Columbia this weekend for the Kentucky game. He has also been to games at Duke, Louisville, NC State, West Virginia, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest, Georgia, Virginia and Missouri. Each of those programs has offered except for Georgia. He will also go back to Louisville next week for the Kentucky game. He lives about 25 minutes from the Louisville campus.

As he makes his visit to USC this weekend, as he has for the previous visits, Sowells said he’s looking for a few key selling points that will be deciding factors for him.

“For me, connection with the coaching staff, the atmosphere and culture,” Sowells said.  “For me, personally I feel I would like to play in front of packed stadiums.  When I went on some visits when they had like the emptier, stadiums, it kind of is a turnoff for me.  Opportunity play early, I’d say things like that.”

Sowells plans to make his decision next August, and he will sign the following December and enroll in January of 2025. He has not yet settled on a short list of favorites.

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