Former #Clemson star Grayson Marshall giving back during “Men’s Mental Health Month”

Grayson Marshall from his days at Clemson

Former Clemson point guard Grayson Marshall was a giver during his career. He is still the Tigers’ all-time leader in assists with 857. Now, after going through his own trials and tribulations, Marshall is assisting once again. Marshall wants to help men who are struggling to cope with the expectations placed up them in today’s society, and he is hosting an event November 17th at Clemson.

Wednesday night, Marshall joined us on SportsTalk to give details of what MANICURE-It Starts With Men is all about.

Grayson Marshall on SportsTalk

Here’s more on the event from a press release:

In recognition of Men’s Mental Health Month, we are proud to announce, MANICURE- It Starts with Men -“Healing the H.U.R.T. Men Hide,” an event dedicated to addressing the emotional well-being of men the passion of Clemson Hall of Famer and ACC legend Grayson Marshall, JR. This event is set to take place in Clemson, South Carolina, and will serve as a safe space for men to explore their emotions and heal from within. 

Men have long been burdened by societal expectations that discourage the open expression of their emotions. As a result, many men suffer in silence, experiencing internalized pain and emotional distress. “Healing the Hurt Men Hide” seeks to shed light on these issues and empower men to embrace vulnerability and healthier coping mechanisms. 

This event is a dialog of perspective and a platform to empathetically challenge the narratives in today’s world as it relates to the emasculation of men. Men have been left with an amazing, renewed belief in a second half that once was felt to not be possible. Dabo Swinney Clemson Football Coach says” Grayson is a powered packed influence that any audience will appreciate and leave changed.” 

MANICURE “Healing the Hurt Men Hide” is committed to creating a positive impact by encouraging men to prioritize their mental well-being and break free from the societal stigma surrounding male emotional expression. This event recognizes that embracing one’s emotions is a key component of leading a purposeful and passionate life. 

Details of the event: 

Date: November 17, 2023 Time: 6:30-8:30  Location: Clemson African American Museum] Address: 214 Butler St, Clemson, SC Admission: Free. 

For more information or to register for “Healing the H,U.R.T. Men Hide,” please visit our website or contact Grayson Marshall, Jr 904-635-6588. 

We invite members of the press, community organizations, and individuals interested in supporting men’s mental health to join us for this transformative event. Let’s work together to create a more open and compassionate society where men feel comfortable expressing their emotions and finding healing. 

For media inquiries, please contact: Grayson Marshall, Jr  904-635-6588 

About “Healing the Hurt Men Hide”: “Healing the Hurt Men Hide” is an event dedicated to addressing the emotional well-being of men and providing a safe space for healing. The goal is to create a positive impact by encouraging men to prioritize their mental well-being and break free from societal expectations that discourage emotional expression. 

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  1. It’s refreshing to see such efforts in promoting open discussions about mental health, especially for men who often face societal pressure to conceal their emotions.

    As a reader, it’s heartening to see sports figures like Marshall use their platform for such a vital cause. Mental health is an issue that touches all, regardless of gender, and having open conversations is key to healing and understanding.

    For those seeking further professional support in mental health, resources like Rudoy Medical Psychiatry ( offer comprehensive psychiatric services, providing a safe space for everyone to seek the help they need.

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