Erik Bakich swings a big bat when discussing NIL and the transfer portal (AUDIO) #Clemson

Erik Bakich says there were programs around the country trying to catch Cam Cannarella’s eye this offseason

It’s been a month and a half since the baseball season came to an end for the Clemson Tigers. However, the next-to-last loss of the year has clearly left a lasting impression on Erik Bakich.

“That Saturday game against Tennessee (6-5 loss in 14 innings) will always be, at least from a coaching perspective, one of those wounds that never closes, never heals,” Bakich revealed to the media. “I think I’ve Monday morning quarterbacked that game every day, ever since.”

The Tigers head coach took a few moments Thursday to not only reflect on this past season but also to discuss some of the hot topics surrounding college athletics. He unveiled how NIL money can help prevent putting many of his players in debt while speaking out against what he called tampering by other schools to try and nab Cam Cannarella following the season.

Clemson HC Erik Bakich — Offseason Press Conference

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