#STRecruiting: Latest from #Gamecocks target WR Keylen Adams

Keylen Adams

This is decision week for WR Keylen Adams (6-2 185) of Virginia Beach. He will announce Wednesday via 247Sports and his Instagram Live, and he believes the time is set for around 1:00 PM. Adams is deciding between USC and Virginia Tech. He will spend the next couple of days discussing things with his family and then reach a decision on Tuesday.

“We are going to basically put out the pros and cons of each school and what would help me and not help me with both schools,” Adams said.  :”Which ever one has the better outcome from that is where I will be.”

Both head coaches Shane Beamer and Brent Pry are working Adams. He said he talked with Beamer Sunday night.

“It was really the same thing as it always is,” Adams said.  “How I can make a difference with the team, and the brotherhood that they have there.”

USC receivers coach Justin Stepp also is in touch with Adams pretty much on a daily basis. Like Beamer, he wants Adams to know how much he’s wanted and needed at USC.

“It’s just been how big of an impact I can make with the team as far as them losing their starting three,” Adams said.  “I feel like I can really come in and make a difference on the team too.  And then education wise, I plan on majoring in graphic design, so they’ve been telling me what they have to offer in that field.”

Pry, like his counterparts at USC, is also selling the opportunities in his program for Adams to come in and flourish. And like Beamer, he’s hammering home the theme of “family” in his program.

“Every day I talk to Coach Pry,” he said.  “Coach Prye is all about family.  I feel like that plays a big part in athletes’ lives, especially when they are away from home.  A lot of times it’s the first time for recruits staying alone and really becoming adults.  A lot of people rely on their family a lot, and coach Pry is big on that.  I feel like that’s a big thing to me.”

Virginia Tech can also play the home state card with Adams, and that can be useful in a lot of recruiting cases. But Adams said the home state appeal thing is not a difference maker for him.

“A lot of people think it does, but to me it doesn’t really have as big an effect on me as everybody thinks,” Adams said.  “I’m really not even from Virginia.  I’m from Ohio.  Most of my family is there.  The only people that’s here is like my mom and step-pops and uncle.  Once I go to college, my mom and step-pops are moving anyway.”

Adams did not take an official visit to USC, though he did make unofficial stops in May and June when he got to learn a lot about the program and the school. He did take June official visits to Virginia Tech and Alabama. He also had Ohio State and Pitt in his top five before cutting his list to the Gamecocks and Hokies.

Last season Adams had 41 catches for 1030 yards and 16 touchdowns.

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