#STRecruiting: Daniel Hill Update

Daniel Hill

RB Daniel Hill of Meridian, MS has not yet pinned down a decision date. Hill said Wednesday night the end of the month is still a possibility, but not a certainty. “It was going to be the end of the month, but I’m really not sure.  I’ve got to sit down and talk about it,” Hill said.

He is deciding primarily between USC and Alabama with a little Tennessee mixed in for good measure. USC and Alabama had him in for official visits in June and he visited Tennessee unofficially in May.

Hill said he’s talking regularly with the coaches from USC and Alabama, and not much new ground is being uncovered in these conversations.

“Not really.  Same ole same ole,” Hill said.  “At this point, just normal conversations.  How everything’s been going.  How the family is doing.  How my day’s been going.  Things like that.  It’s not really recruiting anymore.”

But the two staffs are still trying to sell him on why he should join their side and not the other.

“South Carolina has been telling me that I’m the missing piece,” Hill said.  “I feel like it if plays out, I can be the person to complete one of the best recruiting classes they’ve ever had, if not the best, and be able to elevate the program with the other players coming in.  Alabama’s been telling me that with their history of running backs, they can develop me and get me to where I want to go in three years.”

Hill said both schools are holding a barbeque for recruits during the open week in late July, and he’s been invited to each. He’s not decided if he’ll attend either at this point.

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