#STRecruiting: Franks shares the latest on his announcement plans

Blake Franks

Greenville High OG Blake Franks has been the center of the recruiting world in South Carolina the last couple of weeks because of his stated plans to announce a commitment for either USC or Clemson in February or early March.

Earlier this week, Greenville High coach Greg Porter said Franks was thinking about February 20th for an announcement. Franks said Thursday that was true, but since that day is also his sister’s birthday, he didn’t want his announcement to conflict with her day.

Franks has spent the week working through his decision and talking to coaches. USC offensive line coach Lonnie Teasley and Clemson offensive line coach Thomas Austin are carrying the recruiting load for their respective programs.

“I’ve heard from South Carolina the most this week,” Franks said.  “I’ve heard a little bit from Florida, some coaches have reached out to me this week.  I’ve heard from Coach Austin a few times from Clemson. And I’ve heard from Auburn.  Text messages and FaceTime mostly.  I FaceTimed with Florida, South Carolina and Clemson as well.”

USC head coach Shane Beamer and Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney are also involved with this recruiting battle.

“I hear from Coach Beamer at least twice a week,” Franks said.  “I hear from Coach Teasley every day.  I hear from (USC recruiting assistant) Sam Serbay every day as well.  Coach Swinney, once every two weeks.  He leaves it up to Coach Austin, and if I want to talk to Coach Swinney, he just lets me text him.”

Franks realizes he’s got the eyes of Gamecock and Clemson fans trained on him. He promises the wait won’t be much longer.

“I’d like to think I’m pretty much done,” Franks said.  “I think the announcement will come soon, whether it’s in March or in February still.  I don’t know right now.  I’m still figuring some things out.  On my mind made up, I’m at about an 8.8 (out of 10).”

Franks said he will tweet out a date for his announcement once he’s made his decision. He will then have an announcement ceremony either at his school or at another location his mother is looking into.

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