#STRecruiting: Prized OT Kam Pringle of Woodland on the aftermath of the #Gamecocks win over #Clemson and his recruiting

Kam Pringle

There were many big-time prospects at Clemson last Saturday for the USC game. Some where there just to check out the Tigers, but some were also there to watch both teams since they are being recruited by the rivals. One of those was 2024 Woodland OT Kam Pringle. He has the Tigers and Gamecocks high up on his list, and both Dabo Swinney and Shane Beamer are heavily involved in recruiting him.

“It was definitely an eye opener with Carolina pulling off the upset against Clemson,” Pringle said.  “It was definitely great for South Carolina.  Of course, Clemson didn’t get the outcome they were looking for.  It really just shows you where Coach Beamer is taking the program.  Beating three top 25 teams this season, actually blowing out a top ten team in the country, it just shows you what Coach Beamer is stepping towards, what he can do and what he is capable of.”

The common thought in the recruiting world, when it comes to rivalry games, is the winner really benefits and the loser takes a step back with a recruit. Pringle, however, doesn’t see it that way.

“You can’t really hold nothing against a team over one loss,” Pringle said.  “Definitely tip the hat towards Carolina with the win, just displaying what they are capable of the past couple of weeks.  Clemson, there’s definitely no love lost.  They’ve just got to get better.  You have those type of games where you just don’t come up with the win.  I think that was a 40-game home win streak.  It’s not like they are used to losing like that on their own field, it just played in South Carolina’s favor.”

Of course, there was some recruiting of Pringle going on by Swinney and offensive line coach Thomas Austin while he was there for a second visit on the season. He also was in for the NC State game.

“I talked to Coach Swinney a little bit, but I talked to Coach Austin mainly before the game for a good little while,” Pringle said.  “I was in the locker room for Coach Swinney’s speech after, it was kind of more of appreciate you for coming today rather than a sit-down talk thing after the game.”

The message Swinney and Austin had for Pringle was clear.

“Definitely the opportunity for me to come and play,” Pringle said.  “Just telling me what they can do for me development-wise and where I can come in and play a role there.  And the development they have.  They have the best offensive left tackle in the ACC right now with Jordan McFadden.  They are definitely at the development standpoint there with Coach Austin and the whole O-line room.  Coach Swinney has sent multiple guys to the NFL and has developed guys to be top notch players.”

Pringle also made it to USC for two games this season, Georgia and Tennessee. The message he gets from Beamer is along the same lines as what he’s getting from Swinney.

“Where I can come in and play. They feel I have the skillset to change the program,” Pringle said.  “Me and other top recruits come in and change things around.  They are having a really good ’23 recruiting class, so they are looking for the same thing in ’24.”

Pringle is now transitioning into basketball season, but he plans to give his commitment decision a lot of thought over the next few months.

“Evaluate.  Take visits and evaluate the process,” Pringle said.  “Slim it down.  I was thinking about going top eight and then top five, but I’ll probably just go with a top six and decide off of those six.  I’ll probably cut the list before the end of the year.  Commitment, probably January or February.  There’s a couple of top programs, a top five or six, but I wouldn’t say there’s a number one.  Everybody is doing a good job.  I’m not just there yet.”

Pringle named a top ten in a few weeks ago of USC, Clemson, Virginia, NC State, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Ohio State, Auburn and LSU. He said he will visit schools when he can over the next several weeks for bowl practices and junior days. He definitely wants to get to Florida to meet that staff for the first time. He also plans to get back to USC, Clemson, NC State, Tennessee and Georgia.

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