Coordinators Corner: Satterfield and White try to explain what happened at Florida (AUDIO)

Jaheim Bell was the focus point of the USC offense at Florida (Ryan Bethea)

The USC coaching staff has been searching for answers this week to explain the dismal performances by their offensive and defensive units in the loss at Florida last weekend. The offense had their second lowest yardage output of the season, and the defense gave up over 300 rushing yards. The special teams? Well, they were good once again scoring a touchdown on a punt fake, blocking a field goal attempt and creating a long kickoff return.

Wednesday the three Gamecock coordinators, Marcus Satterfield on offense, Clayton White on defense and Pete Lembo on special teams, met with the media to talk about Florida. For Satterfield and White, the questions were about what happened and how do you fix it. For Lembo, it was more about how are you doing what you’re doing, and how can you keep it going.

Marcus Satterfield

Clayton White

Pete Lembo

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