Brownell feels a healthy #Clemson team can be a very successful #Clemson team this season

Clemson’s Chase Hunter, head coach Brad Brownell, and Hunter Tyson (Photo by Nell Redmond/ACC)

The ACC Basketball Tipoff for 2022 was staged Wednesday in downtown Charlotte. Head coach Brad Brownell along with Hunter Tyson and Chase Hunter represented a Clemson team looking to return to postseason play after falling short last season with a 17-16 record.

Injuries beset Brownell’s team last season as Tyson and PJ Hall missed stretches of the season. Hall is dealing with two off-season surgeries that, according to Brownell, will keep him out until some point in November at the earliest.

Brownell believes when his team is healthy, they will have a chance to be an upper division contender in the ACC. Here’s what the Tigers had to say as they made their rounds at the Tipoff.

Brad Brownell, Hunter Tyson and Chase Hunter

Clemson head coach Brad Brownell discusses his team at the 2022 ACC Tipoff (Photo by Nell Redmond/ACC)

Brad Brownell media session

Clemson’s Hunter Tyson at the 2022 ACC Tipoff (Photo by Nell Redmond/ACC)

Hunter Tyson One-On-One

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