Listen to Frank Martin at his UMass intro press conference (AUDIO) #Gamecocks

Former USC men’s basketball coach Frank Martin was back behind the mic on Tuesday morning as he was formally introduced as the new coach at the University of Massachusetts. Martin is returning to a familiar state as he once was an assistant at Northeastern. After being introduced, Martin spoke for 27 minutes then took questions from the media.

UMass AD Ryan Bamford welcomes new basketball coach Frank Martin

Frank Martin speaks at introductory press conference

1 thought on “Listen to Frank Martin at his UMass intro press conference (AUDIO) #Gamecocks”

  1. USC Ath Dept….not even a “thank you” tweet for everything Coach Martin has done for USC MBB & community. As alum / fan…pure trash by our woke SC Ath Dept not to send a tweet that takes all of 2 mins. Taking us to Final four…most wins over two seasons, most NCAA Dance wins, ….he deserves plenty of recognition.
    Not sending a “thank you” expression over social media is disgraceful !!! Tells me about the lack of character in our Ath Dept….of course that lack of grace, goes perfectly with “woke”. !!

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