#Gamecocks coach Shane Beamer addresses departing coaches, incoming class and introduces new assistant coach

USC coach Shane Beamer had no new signees to announce on Wednesday having signed 21 for the class in December. He did have an influx of transfers and preferred walk-ons to add to his roster, and some of those new names were revealed today. At the top of Beamer’s agenda when he met with the media Wednesday afternoon was the resignations of tight ends coach Erik Kimrey and Director of Football Relations Connor Shaw, and the formal introduction of new defensive ends coach Sterling Lucas.

Some of Beamer’s key comments:

  • Very excited about adding Sterling Lucas to his staff replacing Mike Peterson; wishes Connor Shaw and Erik Kimrey well, both are leaving on “fantastic terms”. Not easy decision for Kimrey but he has a great opportunity in front of him. And same for Shaw.
  • Shaw has a new challenge outside of the athletic world and financially is a great move for his future.
  • Every transfer is here except Stogner, still finishing classes at Oklahoma, won’t participate in spring practice.
  • Three of his assistants have turned down job offers from other schools for more money over the last few weeks.
  • Wants to fill Kimrey’s position as soon as possible. there’s already been people reaching out to him, wants to get the best fit possible.
  • They do have room to add two more to this class, they are not actively recruiting anyone right now, could be some new names in transfer portal after spring practice that might get their attention.
  • They’ve got a couple of other players who are considering their playing futures due to their health, not ready to announce their names.
  • Asked a question about DQ Smith, said he couldn’t talk about him yet. (SAF from Spring Valley not actually signed, will be signed later for the 2023 class).
  • Thankful that the University has stepped forward to pay $6000 per year to all athletes, and that’s home run for them, beneficial in particular in attracting high level PWO prospects.

Shane Beamer NSD press conference

Sterling Lucas introductory press conference

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