Coordinators’ Corner: Satterfield and White prepare for the Gators (AUDIO) #Gamecocks

OC Marcus Satterfield says its been a good week of practice for Jason Brown and the QBs because they are “all competing”

South Carolina is coming off its bye week, following a 44-14 loss at Texas A&M on October 23rd. Sitting at 4-4, this was a good week for the Gamecocks to reflect on what has gone well and not so well as USC gears up to host Florida at 7:30pm on Saturday.

Wednesday, offensive coordinator Marcus Satterfield and defensive coordinator Clayton White met with the media to talk more about self-scouting and what to expect from the Gators.

USC OC Marcus Satterfield

USC DC Clayton White

1 thought on “Coordinators’ Corner: Satterfield and White prepare for the Gators (AUDIO) #Gamecocks”

  1. No Gamecock fan I know has even the least bit of confidence that Satterfield will suddenly start coming up with innovative game plans that make sense. We’re all still scratching our heads to why he kept Zeb Noland in for the Texas A&M game, where under him we had a total of 6 yards for 3 quarters!…..

    No one will even be surprised if he once again starts Zeb over Jason, even though we have absolutely nothing to lose at this point. Jason is a much better passer and more mobile to boot, so not starting him would be the definition of insanity. Zeb adds nothing to the offense; Jason at least gives us a fighting chance. Oh, and Jason is fun to watch, whereas watching Zeb lead an offense is like watching paint dry…can you say boring…

    I can’t remember a time when the fanbase has grown this apathetic towards Gamecock football. Please take notice coach Beamer!

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