Coordinators’ Corner: Satterfield and White regroup after Tennessee loss (AUDIO) #Gamecocks

USC pulled out all the stops to try and compete with Tennessee, including a Payton Mangrum TD off a fake punt (Ryan Bethea)

During Saturday’s 45-20 loss at Tennessee, USC had an opportunity to perhaps swing momentum in the Gamecocks favor. Trailing 14-0, the Gamecocks embarked on a 10-play drive to the Volunteers one-yard line. Two plays later, defensive lineman Jordan Burch threw an interception into the end zone and Carolina’s hopes were dashed on “Rocky Top”.

Wednesday morning, offensive coordinator Marcus Satterfield met with the media to discuss the turning point in the game.

“Once we got to a certain part of the field, we were going to run that play. It was a good play. If we ran it ten times, it would work eight times. That time it didn’t work,” Satterfield said in explaining the decision to have Burch throw the football. “If I had my do-overs, I would have tried to run it in.”

The offense wasn’t the only unit put under scrutiny during the matchup in Knoxville. Carolina’s defense gave up 38 first half points and allowed a total of 472 yards of offense to the Vols, though played much better in the second half of action.

USC defensive coordinator Clayton White was also part of Wednesday’s media availability to recap Saturday’s loss and to update the progress of his unit going into game number seven against Vanderbilt.

USC OC Marcus Satterfield

USC DC Clayton White

2 thoughts on “Coordinators’ Corner: Satterfield and White regroup after Tennessee loss (AUDIO) #Gamecocks”

  1. OC Marcus Satterfield: Trailing 14-0, the Gamecocks were on the Volunteers one-yard line, and you had defensive lineman Jordan Burch throw to a receiver in the end zone for an interception. I’m all for trick plays when you need them, just to shake things up but did you really need it on the one yard line?? That is just a BAD coaching. You couldn’t run it in with ALL the great running backs you have. This play could have changed the momentum of the game for Carolina. The Offence finally gets it right and you throw in a silly trick play. SHAME ON YOU!!

  2. Another option would’ve been to throw it to #13 EJ Jenkins, who happened to me matched up to a much shorter CB. Speaking of EJ Jenkins, I really hope the offensive coaching staff has been saving him for the 2nd half of the season. The lack of passes thrown his way against UT is nothing short criminal!

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