#STRecruiting: Stokes feeling locked in with Wolverines

CJ Stokes

Hammond RB CJ Stokes is one of the state’s top prospects, and he’s working hard to help his team to another state championship. At the same time, he’s put his recruiting on the back burner. And Stokes can afford to do since he committed to Michigan in mid-June.

“Right now, I’m really more focused on finishing out the season with a state championship,” Stokes said.  “I haven’t really thought about it, but I’m pretty locked in right now as far as school goes.  I haven’t really thought about it to change my mind since football season.  I haven’t really put much thought into it.”

USC is trying to give Stokes something to think about. He made an unofficial visit there in early June. He also accepted the offer from the Gamecocks to visit for the Eastern Illinois game. They also wanted him to visit for the Kentucky game, but he couldn’t make it.

“Nothing is locked in right now, but I very well could be going back for a game,” Stokes said.  “I might go back in the future if they want to have me over.”  

They probably will invite him again, because running backs coach Montario Hardesty seems to like him a lot.

“He’s hits me up to check on me a lot,” Stokes said.  “He came to my game the week they played the Eastern Illinois team, and he’s been hitting me up since then.  He’s just talking to me about staying home and stuff like that.  He’s trying to get me to think about it even though I’m committed.  He’s not pressuring me or anything, just talking to me about it seeing where I’m at.”

Stokes appears to be a running back prospect Hardesty is focusing on right now.

“He said I’m a guy they are looking at on their board right now as one of the guys,” Stokes said.  “Running backs looked good in the game I was at.  Pretty much all of them had a good game.  That was good to see.”

Michigan, however, remains foremost on Stokes’ mind when it comes to his recruiting. The Wolverines have not let up a bit on their recruiting of him since landing the commitment.

“I hear from them just about every day, from (Jim) Harbaugh and coach (Mike) Hart, the running backs coach,” Stokes said.  “They hit me up pretty much every day.  I’m still in communication with them over the phone.  I’m going back up to Michigan for the Ohio State game.  As soon as the season is over, I guess I’ll sit back and think about it more, but right now I’m pretty locked in just because I haven’t really sat down and given it a look yet.  Michigan is still the place I’m going to.”

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