Shane Beamer Sunday Conference Call (AUDIO) #Gamecocks

David Spaulding’s 74-yard INT return for a TD was a huge momentum boost for the Gamecocks on Saturday (Chris Gillespie)

South Carolina posted one of its wilder victories in recent memory on Saturday as the Gamecocks slipped past Troy 23-14 at Williams-Brice Stadium. For its part, USC committed ten penalties, muffed a punt, and dropped a fumble return for a sure touchdown, one yard shy of the goal line. On the flipside, the Gamecocks forced four turnovers, including a pick-six. While, QB Luke Doty was 20-of-34 passing for 255 yards and a touchdown.

On Sunday, Shane Beamer held his weekly teleconference and tried to accentuate the positives from the win over the Trojans. Noting the fight and resiliency of his team, while also recognizing that there is still plenty of work to do.

“We were better with the penalties against Kentucky, but like a lot of things with us right now, a young program, it’s something we’ve got to emphasize and talk about each and every week.”

USC HC Shane Beamer — Sunday Conference Call

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  1. Absolutely abysmal team. Just embarrassing. Troy is a lucky win now? How far can you fall? Stop patting yourselves on the back and call it what it is…..pitiful football

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