#STRecruiting: Gibson will take all eight finalists to the end when he announces next month

Jayden Gibson

One of the top remaining prospects on the USC board for the 2022 class is WR Jayden Gibson (6-6 185) of Winter Garden, FL. USC head coach Shane Beamer and receivers coach Justin Stepp have been on Gibson practically since they arrived in Columbia. In less than a month, they’ll learn if their efforts paid off. Gibson has set October 13th for his commitment announcement.

He has had a final eight of USC, Georgia, Miami, Florida, Florida State, Baylor, Auburn and Tennessee. He will not shorten that list before his announcement and he’s not likely to make any more visits. In the summer he made official visits to Miami and Baylor, and unofficial visits to USC, Florida, Florida State, Auburn and Georgia.

“There’s not much more I can learn about any of these colleges,” Gibson said.  “I’ve been talking to them for a good amount of time now and I’ve gotten to know them.  Now it’s really just about me thinking and coming to my decision.”

Beamer and or Stepp are regularly in Gibson’s ear continuing to push their campaign for him.

“They fill me in on their season and send me all the stats about what’s going on with their season,” Gibson said.  “Obviously, they keep up with my season and all that kind of stuff.  When I talk to them, it’s just, how ya doing, that kind of thing.  They let me know that they still want me there at South Carolina.  They make sure that I know that I’m wanted.”

Gibson’s job now is to work thru the clutter of the various arguments the schools have presented to him and figure out where he can blossom as a player and a student. And he’ll be checking off certain boxes as he goes thru the pros and cons of each program.

“How I feel with the coaches, how I like them,” Gibson said.  “Where I think their program is going, in the direction their going.  The overall vibe with the coaches.  And where I can see myself succeeding the most out. All my top eight schools are good academically, so I don’t have to worry about that.  All of them are good for my major I want to go into.  Right now, it’s like nitpicking because all my top eight are great options, great opportunities for anybody. Really now it’s about which one do I feel is the best for me.”

And as a receiver, Gibson also will be checking out rosters and recruiting classes for quarterbacks.

“Definitely.  Definitely.  Definitely look at quarterbacks,” Gibson said.  “I look at the quarterbacks in my class, or young quarterbacks they might have on the team, or both honestly.”

Gibson carries a four-star rating in the 247Sports Composite and is ranked the #41 receiver nationally in the 2022 class. Last season he had 32 catches for 775 yards and 9 touchdowns.

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