#Clemson AD Dan Radakovich breaks down the “Alliance” and CFP expansion during SportsTalk visit (AUDIO)

Radakovich says the new “Alliance” is an opportunity for the ACC, Big 10, and PAC-12 to collaborate on important issues

The landscape of college athletics is changing rapidly, making the job of athletics directors across the country considerably more difficult. On Thursday, Clemson AD Dan Radakovich joined SportsTalk to discuss some of the hot button national issues and how those may affect Clemson moving forward.

He discussed the recent alliance between the ACC, Big 10, and PAC-12, noting that scheduling of football games between the three leagues isn’t at the forefront of the partnership. “I think that there will be opportunities in basketball scheduling, both men’s and women’s in a much shorter time span than what we could do in football,” Radakovich said.

With regards to football, the Clemson AD stressed that with the rivalry game against South Carolina and their current thought process of two Power-5 games per year, the Tigers are scheduled out until 2036. “So we’ll see if anything changes along the way to be able to utilize a little bit more of that structure that’s being pulled together between the three leagues.”

Radakovich was also queried about what the SEC is doing with regards to expansion and whether or not that’s good for college football. “Anyone who is going to have the opportunity to get those two national brands (Oklahoma and Texas) as a part of their conference is going to listen to it.” Radakovich illustrated that his league isn’t against expansion either. “Certainly the ACC, it’s not ground breaking news would love to have Notre Dame as part of our conference full time. If Notre Dame called tomorrow, the ACC office I’m pretty sure would take the call.”

He also laid out Clemson’s current plans for football with regards to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, along with thoughts on playoff expansion during his visit, which you can hear below.

Clemson AD Dan Radakovich

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