Martin continues to heap praise on #Gamecocks Bryant (AUDIO)

Frank Martin’s Gamecocks broke a six-game losing streak with a runaway victory over Georgia, Saturday (File Photo)

Gamecocks head coach Frank Martin addressed the media via Zoom, Monday, and addressed a number of topics including the spirit of his team following a blowout of Georgia, the health of his backcourt and why he prioritizes the growth of players over his win-loss record.

Martin heaped compliments on Keyshawn Bryant following South Carolina’s 91-70 win in Athens, Saturday, and continued to be effusive in his praise of the junior forward, “When I see a young man like Keyshawn Bryant, who two years ago wouldn’t speak, even if you were one on one with him, and now he’s leading practice trying to pick people’s spirits up, trying to engage people, that’s what I call growth. That’s why I coach …. I’m real proud of him. He’s grown as a player. He’s made some mistakes offensively and defensively over the last three weeks but his voice continues to grow louder and stronger, and it’s in a positive way …. Because of that, I can’t pull back the reins. I’ve got to let him go and do more.”

Bryant and the Gamecocks return to action tomorrow night, playing host to 12th-ranked Arkansas at 6:30 p.m.

Frank Martin press conference

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  1. Coach, if this season is not included, your leadership has resulted in two tournament appearances: one NIT & one NCAA. How would you assess that performance? I appreciate the fact you are a mentor & role model for your players. But winning is also important in that position. Basketball attendance for the men is mediocre at best. The revenue side of the balance sheet also counts & their is a direct correlation to winning & revenue…..

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