Talking Tuesday: Virginia Tech’s running game is a concern to Swinney (AUDIO) #Clemson

OT Jackson Carman(79) celebrates with RB Travis Etienne(9) after TD vs Pitt (Ken Ruinard-USA TODAY Sports)

Clemson is not sure if it has one or two more regular season games to play. They know they are playing at Virginia Tech this Saturday night. What they don’t know is if the ACC will reschedule the Florida State game which was called off two weeks ago. If this is the last one, then the Tigers will clinch a spot in the ACC Championship Game with a win. But, if the Florida State game is put back on the schedule, they’ll need to win that one as well. First things first for Dabo Swinney, however, and that is a Virginia Tech team with a dangerous quarterback and one of the best rushing attacks in the country.

Some key comments from Swinney Tuesday

  • Blacksburg is a different type of challenge this week, night, Lane Stadium, the weather. VT offense is 9th in rushing, 4th in yards per carry, option football with a guy who can throw it well, lots of misdirection and eye-candy.
  • VT has a veteran offensive line, physical, but it all starts with Hooker the QB. VT has a long history of defensive football, running a 4-3 front, they had open date so should be getting some people back, bring a lot of pressure.
  • His approach right now is they still have to go win two games, not knowing for sure if they FSU game will be made up.
  • Open date for them was big for their offensive line, allowing them to get refreshed, they haven’t had the backus to play behind the front liners this season like they had last season.
  • “What we have here is unique, it’s special. We’ve done it our way, the Clemson way. We’ve stayed the course. Always looking to get better. Always looking for excellence in everything we do.”
  • “If our number one goal was to win a Heisman, we’d already have won. Best player in the country is Trevor Lawrence. That’s just the way it is. He doesn’t need to win the Heisman for that to be the case.”
  • If they have to play another game after this weekend, they should play the game that was previously scheduled (FSU).
  • He has had some seniors tell him they are leaning towards coming back for another season, he said he will take back any of the seniors who want to take advantage of the free year.
Dabo Swinney Tuesday press conference previewing Virginia Tech

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