Wolford, Rocker break down the #Gamecocks in the trenches (VIDEO)

Gamecocks offensive line coach Eric Wolford is searching for “a consistent group that can play on game day at any given moment.”

The USC football team returned to the practice field Tuesday morning, a practice that gave head coach Will Muschamp and his assistants a chance to see how the team picked things back up coming off Saturday night’s major scrimmage Muschamp was generally pleased with what he saw during the 160 play scrimmage. What he wanted to see Tuesday was his players pick right back up where they left off Saturday night. Muschamp issues the following quotes to Steve Fink of USC following the practice.

“We really challenged the guys to come out and play with the same physicality we had on Saturday night and I saw that. I think we had the right mindset to come out here and improve and get better. That was good to see. I really challenge them now as we continue to move forward. In life, you’re either making progress or you’re making excuses. We’ve got to continue to get stronger mentally, as far as knowing what to do, how to do it the way it’s supposed to be done all the time – and that’s discipline. Those are things we’ve got to continue to do to make those strides. But I was pleased with the day overall because the mindset was the right kind of mindset we need to be successful. “We really wanted to concentrate on 1st-and-10 run game coming off the scrimmage on both sides of the ball. And then we wanted to make sure we got back in the redzone. We have a redzone competition – the offense won that, so that was good. We had a good bit of ‘move the ball’ and Kai Kroeger ended practice with a pooch punt. We missed it the other night. That’s a critical way to control the vertical field position in the game. He hit a really nice punt and Cam Smith did a really nice job of covering.”

South Carolina assistants Eric Wolford (OL) and Tracy Rocker (DL) shared updates on Gamecocks linemen with Fink Tuesday. Wolford addressed multiple topics including the leadership of Eric Douglas, the shift to Mike Bobo’s playbook, Sadarius Hutcherson’s move to guard and left tackle Jazstyn Turnetine’s transition from junior college the SEC.

Rocker also shared his thoughts on the strides defensive tackle Jabari Ellis has made during camp, his past connection with Tennessee and how his unit is trying to replace Javon Kinlaw and DJ Wonnum.

Gamecocks offensive line coach Eric Wolford
Gamecocks defensive line coach Tracy Rocker

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