The dirty dozen…12 practices down for #Gamecocks (VIDEO)

CB John Dixon will be in the secondary rotation this season (SC Athletics)

USC basically hit the halfway point of its pre-season camp Thursday with practice #12 out of 25. Friday will be a lighter day with stretching and film work, but Saturday Will Muschamp will put his players thru the second major scrimmage of camp at Williams-Brice Stadium. That will take play under the lights around 7:30 PM. Following Thursday’s practice, Muschamp issued the following comments thru USC:

“We had good one-minute work again. We’re trying to present as many situations to our players that we can. (We had) a lot of special teams work and a lot of good looks on punt today. We’re really looking forward to an opportunity to lift tomorrow, meet with the team and walk-thru and go through some things mentally. We treated this like a game week. Not necessarily getting ready for an opponent, but we had like a normal Tuesday practice, a normal Wednesday-type of practice, a normal Thursday practice, then tomorrow will be a walk-thru, then an awesome opportunity to get into Williams-Brice Stadium for a 7:30 kick, which on September 26 will be the time we kick off. Next week we’ll treat as another game-week situation and we’ll have a noon kick since our second ball game is at noon. We’ve tried to have a three-day practice routine, which is normally what we have during the season, and then a game day on Saturday.”

On Saturday’s scrimmage: “It’s the second scrimmage – we need some guys to take another step forward. The coaches are going to be off (the field). We’ll treat it like a true game-day operation, meaning we will have a true pre-game, just like we would have on September 26. We’re going to have a lot of ‘move the ball’ because the coaches need to get off the field and let the players play. We’re also going to have a one-minute before half situation, very similar to what we did when we were in Knoxville last year and had a 75-yard touchdown drive. We’ll have an overtime situation. We’ll go to the locker room at halftime and go over how we do halftime adjustments. We’ll have another one-minute period to win the game where we need a touchdown. So again, we’re trying to expose our players to as many situations as we can.”

Following practice, USC’s Steve Fink interviewed offensive guard Jovaughn Gwyn and cornerback John Dixon and provided those interviews to the media.

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