#Gamecocks go light on Friday before going heavy on Saturday (VIDEO)

Junior Eric Douglas has emerged as the Gamecocks’ starting center (SC Athletics)

The USC football team was in helmets and shorts on Friday morning. Saturday they will be back in full gear as Will Muschamp will put his team thru its first major scrimmage of pre-season camp inside Williams-Brice Stadium. Following Friday’s practice, Muschamp issued a statement thru spokesman Steve Fink regarding Friday’s practice and what he’s look forward to on Saturday.

“We were pretty well-balanced as a team, thought defensively we did some nice things at times and we had some explosive plays offensively. That’s what we’ve got to continue to progress to do. We’ve got a big day tomorrow – a huge evaluation day for everybody on this football team – young players, old players, and at multiple positions. We’ve got to continue to build depth. We’re going to operate in game-like situations. We’ll have coaches in the box and coaches on the sidelines, so that communication. Being clean offensively, clean defensively with no procedural issues and self-inflicted penalties and mental mistakes. We’ve got to continue to push through those going into practice 9. We will have some live work and we’ll have some thud work where we’ll stay up, so it will be a mixture of both. But we’re going to have a lot of kicking involved. I think Kai (Kroeger) has punted pretty well. He can do some different things for us as far as punt is concerned. He’s a really good athlete. I’ve been pleased with that. Mitch Jeter has really kicked the ball well for us when Parker (White) has had some class. He’s done some nice things. But we need some special teams work. We’ve got to find a punt returner, we’ve got to find a kickoff returner, and we’ve got to find more guys who can help us on (special) teams.”

After practice Fink interviewed center Eric Douglas and defensive tackle Chandler Farrell and provided those interviews to the media.

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