#STRecruiting: The latest on LB Jordan Poole

Jordan Poole

LB Jordan Poole of Oakboro, NC, who is down to USC, NC State and Virginia Tech, was all set to announce a commitment July 1st. In fact, he had commissioned a commitment video for his big day. But a few days in advance, Poole threw up the stop sign. He wasn’t ready, and he wasn’t going to make a mistake by rushing a decision that need not be rushed.

“I guess I was kind of still questioning my decision,” Poole said.  “I didn’t have a solid decision, a hundred percent.  I guess it was 50-50 some would say.  I’m not really torn between any of the three right now, 33.3 percent, just playing it level I guess, thinking about them all.”

Poole did not say which two schools he was torn between, and the recruiting by all three has continued. Will Muschamp, Kyle Krantz and Rod Wilson from USC have been in regular contact for months (Wilson more recently since he just joined the staff), and there has been no let up there.

“I talk to one of the coaches about ever day over text, or via phone call, Twitter or whatever it may be,” Poole said.  “A week ago I had a Zoom with all the coaches and the education staff I guess.  It was a good Zoom call.  We were focusing in on the educational side, seeing the kind of programs they have set up for the athletes.  It was a pretty good call.  South Carolina does a good job helping the athlete go far in life and and accomplish their goals.”

Poole said he’s also had Zoom calls with coaches from NC State and Virginia Tech. The calls and messages will continue to flow in to Poole, and he’ll be polite and continue to respond. But he admitted there’s really not much else for any of the coaches to sell him on.

“I know everything now at this point, I just have to make a decision now,” Poole said.  “It’s a hard decision I guess.  I guess when I just know it’s time, I’ll have that feeling that I just know what’s best for me and my family, and it’s where God wants me to go, and that’s progably best for me.  I guess I’ll just know really.”

Poole has no new timetable and said he will give his followers about a week notice before he does announce. His plan is to commit prior to his season.

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