What did Frank Martin think of his #Gamecocks season? Find out here (AUDIO)

Frank Martin had his 6th straight non-losing season at USC (Travis Bell/SIDELINE CAROLINA)

A premature end to the season in Nashville denied what Frank Martin believed was a chance for his team to still make the NCAA Tournament. On SportsTalk Friday night, Martin stated his belief that two wins in the SEC Tournament in Nashville would have been enough for his team to “be right there” to make it into the tournament. We’ll never know. And that seemed to be the theme with this Gamecock team. We never knew it. Some days…Kentucky, Clemson, Virginia, Arkansas…they were as good as any team in the SEC. Other days…Boston University, Stetson, Ole Miss, Vanderbilt…they looked liked one of the worst. Martin tackled the issues about his team and more in the Friday night interview.

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