Cesare Edwards

Clemson signed the state’s top basketball prospect in the 2020 class in 6-9 PJ Hall of Dorman. Now, Brad Brownell has his sights set on 6-9 forward Cesare Edwards of Hartsville who will be one of the top prospects in the state for the 2021 class. Edwards, his coach and his parents visited Clemson for the Louisville game and Brownell personally offered him on the spot.

“They had been in and out of practices and Coach Brownell came to the school a couple of times to see him when we were just working out in the off-season before the season started,” Hartsville coach Yusef English said. “Coach Brownell said he wanted him to come up for the Louisville game. Got up there and they did a little photo shoot for him, and then he got in the office with Coach Brownell. Coach Brownell offered him in person, said he likes the progress and is excited about where he’s headed, and feels very confident Cesar can be something special for Clemson.”

Edwards also holds offers from Xavier, VCU, Texas A&M, College of Charleston, Presbyterian and Western Carolina. According to his coach, Clemson is one of Edwards’ favorites now, though the process will continue.

“They are in the top two with Xavier,” English said.  “At the current  moment, he’s open to everybody.  I know he has not made up his mind.  He’s very appreciative of Coach Brownell and everything else.  He likes them.  He likes the coaching staff.  He really enjoyed the game.  He got the opportunity to talk to the (university) president on Saturday.  It was a really good experience for him.”

Edwards also is drawing interest from USC coach Frank Martin. Edwards went to a game at USC and Martin, who recruited current freshman guard Trae Hannibal from Hartsville last year, has been down to check out Edwards.

“Frank has been by,” English said. “Same process they did with Trae. They are pretty much handling it the same way. He’s been in for a football game and a basketball game. I’m not sure where it is with that particular part of the process because with Trae we were kind of unsure all the way thru. Frank likes to dot his I’s and cross his T’s. They are looking to see more consistency. There are a couple of schools that are looking at consistency from Cesar. He’s been consistent over the last five games. I think some people are going to look more toward spring time when they have time to come in for the work outs. I think his recruitment to pick up a lot more. I just think Clemson was really excited about him. Not to say Carolina is not. Frank has a way of doing things, a process in recruiting. There’s a difference in the way they do it at Carolina and the way they do it at Clemson. Not that one is better than the other, because remember, Clemson didn’t offer Trae.”

English said right now Edwards is playing the best basketball of his young career. He’s been averaged around 25 points per game over his last five games. The coach said English is starting to figure out the inside game that will compliment his perimeter skills.

“His ability to shoot the basketball and put it on the floor, he’s more typical of a stretch four,” English said. “Runs the floor very well. Very athletic. You usually have guys at that height, they have a post game but can’t shoot. As a freshman, he was the best shooter on our team. We had to teach him the post game. He just figured out that I don’t have to settle for a jump shot. I go inside, I can get 20-something points in the paint and still be a threat from the outside. He’s developed his inside drop-step. At 6-9, who is going to be able to stop an inside, drop-step jump hook. Very few people. Since he already has great from on his jump shot, his jump hook is easy for him. Almost the same mechanics.”

English said Edwards has visited Clemson, USC and The College of Charleston. He’s planning to take visits to Virginia Tech, VCU, Xavier and Florida State over the next several weeks spilling into his off-season.