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New USC offensive coordinator Mike Bobo subscribes to a form of old-school football that allowed his teams at Georgia, when he was offensive coordinator, to average over 40 points per game on occasion. Most recently as head coach at Colorado State, four of his five teams averaged over 28 points per game. Bobo likes to throw the football. Last season Colorado State averaged 305 passing yards per game. But he also likes a bruising running game with a strong blocking fullback/tight end combination, something that was lacking on the roster. But no longer.

Former Colorado State fullback/tight end Adam Prentice (6-0 240) announced last week his plans to transfer to USC for his final season. The native of Fresno, CA spent five years at CSU, and he was ready for a new challenge after Bobo was fired and landed in Columbia.

“It being my last year, my sixth year, and I had graduated from CSU and I finished my time there, and I wanted to to explore my options and take advantage of the opportunity I had to explore a new place and get a new experience while I still can,” Prentice said. “When I decided that I wanted to explore my options, I put my name in the portal and gave coach (Bobo) a call and went looking for advice, how I should go about my next steps and try to find that next place to play. He said well, you can come play here, we could use you. I jumped at that at a heartbeat.”

Prentice will join former Ram quarterback Collin Hill as transfers to USC. He will walk-on this spring, enrolling in school this week, with plans to go on scholarship in the fall. And he said that’s all worth it given the chance to play another season in an offense and coach that fits him.

“I just love the aggressive style of offense he runs,” Pernice said. “He runs the ball in different ways, different formations, difference packages, different ways he executes that offense. I love the physicality that he tries to impose in that offense, the aggressiveness and explosiveness. I’ve been in that offense for five years and I’ll be able to finish in that offense. And with my new teammates and my new team, it’s really exciting.”

Prentice didn’t touch the ball much the last three seasons at CSU. He totaled 18 rushes for 35 yards and 18 catches for 115 yards. Yet, he was as important as any skill position player in that offense.

“I was kind of like that second tight end, wing guy,” Prentice said. “I lined up in the backfield. Couple of times I was put out at receiver. Little bit of everywhere, a utility guy that fits in where the play needs to be and execute my job from there. I love blocking. That’s the name of my position in my opinion, and I love doing that. I’m fully aware 95% of my duties will be blocking, and that’s perfectly fine with me.”

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