SportsTalk co-host Rick Sanford was the 1st Gamecock taken in the 1st round of the NFL Draft and played seven years in the league

Each Sunday of the college football season, SportsTalk co-host Rick Sanford, a seven year NFL veteran and former high school and college All-American safety, will give his take on the USC and Clemson.   Saturday the Tigers won their fifth straight ACC Championship and earned another trip to the College Football Playoffs. 

Rick Sanford’s Safety Blitz for December 8th

3 thoughts on “Commentary: The Safety Blitz with Rick Sanford”

  1. You poor little thing
    You need to get ahold of yourself
    Your talking out both sides of your mouth
    I get you are a homer but dang you sounded like a 10 year old
    Thanks for the Clemson hating
    They’ll just keep winning and you can keep whining

  2. Fairfield Tiger

    With the way Rick ended and wrapped up this Dec. 1 Safety Blitz, it sounds as if this was his last one of the season. Why no Safety Blitz next weekend after the ACC Championship and into January with potential playoff games????

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