Justus Boone

2021 DE Justus Boone of Sumter did not land his first offer until late August when USC stepped up. Boone wasn’t really on the recruiting radar at that point having played at Laurence Manning Academy before transferring to the more high profile program at Sumter High. Three months later and after dominating in class 5A, Boone is becoming a household name. His offer list now includes Oklahoma, North Carolina, Louisville, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Florida, West Virginia, Wake Forest and Appalachian State.

Boone’s most recent visit was to Florida November 9th for the Gators 56-0 win over Vanderbilt. He was impressed.

“It was good, a great experience,” Boone said.  “The coaches were nice and everything was smooth.  I felt real comfortable.  Those Gators, they’re a beast now.  The facilities were amazing.  They were telling me about redoing them, and I don’t see why they need to do that because the facilities looked great to me.  The atmosphere was hyped.  Everything was smooth man.”

The Gators apparently are very impressed with Boone and indicated to him they will continue to pursue him with a lot of interest.

“They are telling me to keep on working and stuff like that,” Boone said. “They are telling me that my opportunity is most definitely open with a chance to get on the field.  They are feeding me the right things. They put a good impression on me.”

Boone has visited USC for three games this season…Charleston Southern, Alabama and Vanderbilt He also went to Clemson for the Charlotte game. Auburn and Virginia also have invited him for games. He’s considering going to Charlottesville Friday for the showdown with the Hokies. He’s also been invited back to USC for the Clemson game. The Gamecocks are remaining in regular contact.

“All the same stuff, telling me that they want me to come play and stuff like that, still strong in their recruitment,” Boon said adding he gets an inspirational tweet from Will Muschamp practically every morning. He said his Clemson contact has been every “now and then” on Twitter.

Boone said he’s still open with his recruiting at this point and has formulated a list of favorites.

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