John McKissick

Almost everyone in the state of South Carolina knew of the legendary John McKissick, but few knew him as well as Billy Baker, the editor and publisher of the High School Sports Report. Baker, a Summerville graduate, penned McKissick’s biography, “Called to Coach,” and developed a personal relationship with the nation’s winningest football coach over his years covering McKissick and high school football.

McKissick died yesterday with his family gathered for Thanksgiving. McKissick was 93. He coached the Green Wave from 1952 until his retirement in 2014. Under his guidance, Summerville piled up 621 victories and 10 state titles.

As a friend of the family and a journalist, Baker was granted the unique opportunity to cover McKissick the coach and gain access to McKissick the man. Baker joined SportsTalk on Friday to share his memories and insights on John McKissick.

Billy Baker on SportsTalk