Makius Scott

Longtime USC commitment DT Makius Scott of Gainesville, GA took an official visit to Oregon last weekend but it doesn’t appear the trip to the Northwest was enough to shake him from his pledge. Scott’s coach, Heath Webb, said he talked with Scott briefly during a workout Tuesday and came away from the conversation with the expectation that Scott will honor his commitment to Will Muschamp and sign with the Gamecocks in December.

“Said he had a good time and enjoyed the trip, that sort of thing,” Webb said.  “Not a great deal of detail other than, ‘that’s a long way from home’, which is about what I expected him to say.  That was one of the things he liked about South Carolina, that it is close to home.”

And that, along with other things Scott likes about the Gamecocks and his opportunity there, is probably enough of a reason for Scott to follow thru and sign with USC next month.

“That was what I took away from the conversation,” Webb said.  “I don’t see any reason why (he won’t sign).  It was just an awesome opportunity to take a trip to Oregon which I think was the primary motive there.  I think that’s kind of where he’s at.”

Webb did not talk to Scott after the visit until Tuesday. Monday he said it was his understanding Oregon sent a private jet to Gainesville to fly Scott and his mother to Eugene. But after talking with Scott Tuesday he learned that did not develop.

“I know that was in the conversation, but he did fly commercial,” the coach said. “I know that was a conversation when they were trying to figure out what was coming, but both ended up taking a commercial flight.”

Scott is one of two defensive tackles the Gamecocks have committed for 2020. He committed June 7th after attending camp. Some of his other offers at that time were Memphis, Louisville, Wake Forest, East Carolina, Syracuse and Cincinnati. He has since added offers from Oregon and Georgia Tech.

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