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DT Makius Scott of Gainesville, GA committed to USC in early June and the commitment has appeared solid throughout the season. But he did take an official visit to Oregon over the weekend and the Ducks are in strong pursue. So much so, according to Scott’s coach Heath Webb, Oregon sent a private plane to jet him to Eugene for the visit.

“I just sent him a text on Saturday and told him to have a good time, and he said, yes sir, I am,” Webb said Monday afternoon prior to seeing Scott after his return from the Northwest. “I don’t know any details other than that. I’ll meet with him when he gets back to figure all of that out. I think a lot of it is when Oregon wants to send a private jet to Gainesville to fly you out there, it’s one of those deals like, I don’t think I can pass that up, let me go check it out. There doesn’t seem to be any changing of his commitment. It was more of, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I only get to go thru this recruiting process once, so let me live a little.”

Webb said Gamecock coach Will Muschamp and recruiter John Scott have remained diligent in their recruiting of Scott and they were not caught off guard by the visit.

“Makius did it the right way, he called coach Muschamp and told him what the situation was,” Webb said. “They are still on good terms and that sort of thing. Coach Muschamp appreciated that and told him to go out and have a good time.”

Webb said some other schools have been checking in on Scott but he has no other official visits planned at this point besides his one to USC. Georgia Tech offered him last week.

Scott is planning to sign in December but he will not be an early enrollee.

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  1. Per NCAA Rule, flying a recruit to an official visit in anything other than coach-class on a commercial aircraft is a violation.

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