Miles Campbell

2021 TE Miles Campbell (6-3 220) of Douglasville, GA is growing into a high profile recruit with offers from Michigan, Kansas, Nebraska, NC State, Georgia Tech, Louisville and Colorado. USC may not be too far away from joining that list. Campbell made his first visit to see the Gamecocks last Saturday at the invitation of tight ends coach Bobby Bentley. The visit went very well and once the Gamecocks offer, they will be a factor in his decision making process.

“It definitely moves them up on the board and has me looking at them a lot closer now,” Campbell said.  “I liked what they offered. Coach Bentley has been trying to get me to come up for a game these past couple of weeks, and this past weekend I was able to come up there and I liked what I saw. I like how they use the tight end, how they run the offense.  I liked the atmosphere and how the fans are really into the game.  And I like coach Bentley and the offensive coordinator and how they do things.  I can block and receive and I like how they use the tight end in receiving as well as blocking.  They use the tight ends everywhere.”

Campbell is confident the offer from the Gamecocks will come. He had a chance to sit down with Bentley and got the lowdown on how they will approach his recruiting.

“Coach Bentley brought me into his office and told me I was the top tight end on his board including the 2020s he’s still recruiting,” Campbell said.  “He said he was going to come down during their bye week for our playoff practice.  He talked about how he wanted to offer me but he said he’s just not going to throw an offer out there. He wanted to see how I practice.  He said he likes how I can block really well and stretch the field and become mismatches for linebackers and safeties with my speed and size.”

Campbell also has visited Georgia and Georgia Tech this season, and he went to Auburn last year. He plans to visit NC State late in the season, and weekend after next he has penciled in his first visit to Clemson. He and the Tigers don’t have an extended relationship at this point.

“It’s been short,” he said.  “They came to the school and the coaches wanted to talk to me but unfortunately I wasn’t able to because I was taking the standardized test.  My coaches let me know they were really interested and wanted me to come up for a game.  We’ll see how that goes.” 

On this season, Campbell estimated he has about 45 catches for 400 yards and 8 touchdowns.

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