Tavien Feaster had an 89 yard touchdown run in Clemson’s 38-31 win in Raleigh in 2017

The first College Football Playoff Committee ranking of the season will be announced tonight at 9:00 PM on ESPN and Clemson coach Dabo Swinney said Tuesday ath is weekly press conference he will be it no attention. Instead, his focus is on this Saturday’s game at NC State. Swinney is correct in pointing out that whether the Tigers are in the top four or just outside, it’s irrelevant if they don’t win their remaining games. Win and the ranking will take care of itself. And the Tigers are 32 point favorites to extend their winning streak to 25 games and beat the Wolfpack for the eighth straight season. A Clemson win coupled with a Wake Forest loss to Virginia Tech will make the Tigers Atlantic Division champions.

Some of Swinney’s key comments Tuesday:

  • NC State is well coached, tough and physical. It’s a tough task to play there. Their fans show up regardless of the record. Tough environment. Some transition at quarterback. OL is very well coached and play physical.
  • State uses a lot of tricks in their offense, and they are really good in punt returns, 8th in the country. Defense, they’ve had some injuries, they will bring pressure, they will play man coverage, force you to do a great job in protection.
  • NC State is not as tight end oriented as in the past, basically a spread team, true stretch type scheme, more max protection.
  • Reminded everyone that this is the Textile Bowl and there’s a trophy at stake, though he’s not real sure where that trophy is located.
  • On tonight’s ranking: “It doesn’t matter. It’s not worth the brain cells.”
  • On his schedule, said it’s the same schedule they play every year, 8 ACC teams, two SEC teams, Notre Dame mixed in some years. “Who’s beat Alabama in their league?” Swinney asked in issuing a response to critics of his schedule and the ACC.
  • On question about Taggart firing at Florida State: “I’m just glad they didn’t fire me after 21 games, 13-8. And I would have been a cheap fire. I would have been real cheap to get rid of after 21 games.”
  • Clemson announced tickets are available for their final home game against Wake Forest.

Dabo Swinney press conference on NC State