Cade Denhoff

DE Cade Denhoff (6-5 225) of Lakeland, FL is a highly regarded prospect in the 2021 class and Clemson is in strong position with him after another visit. Denhoff was in earlier this season for the Texas A&M game. He’s also been a camper at Clemson in the summer. He has a good feel for the program and the coaches also know him well. This visit for the Boston College game was another stop in the right direction for both parties.

“They are high on my list,” Denhoff said. “Their culture is probably what I like most about them. That’s what stood out. Their family atmosphere. They say they like my rangy, tall frame and my motor. Their defense is really good and they have had a history of getting to the quarterback. (Coach Brent) Venables puts the defensive line in great position to get sacks.”

Denhoff also has been to Florida and Georgia this season and he plans to visit Alabama November 9th. His offers also include Florida State, Georgia Tech, LSU, Michigan, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Penn State, Virginia and West Virginia.

Another wrinkle will soon be thrown into the recruiting process. With the NCAA moving forward with plans to allow athletes to make money thru endorsements and the like, schools certainly will, with the national elite prospects, talk about those money making opportunities. That information could play a part in the decision making process.

But not for Denhoff. “Ha-ha, no it won’t,” he said.

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