Len’Neth Whitehead

RB/LB Len’Neth Whitehead of Athens, GA saw his season end two Fridays back due to a Lisfranc injury suffered on a running play. He will have surgery next week. Whitehead has been a prime USC target. He took an unofficial visit for the Alabama game and was back for an official visit for the Kentucky game. USC is one of four schools he is strongly considering at this point, the others being Georgia, Tennessee and Wisconsin.

“It was awesome being there,” Whitehead said of his last visit to USC.  “It could possibly be my home.  It felt nice to be around those people.  I felt like it was a good group of people, the coaches, the players included.  It was fun to be around them.  I enjoyed the game, it was a great atmosphere.” 

Whitehead hears regularly from the Gamecocks with head coach Will Muschamp keeping things hot between him and the program. And Muschamp has given Whitehead the option of playing either running back or linebacker should he choose to join him in Columbia.

“I feel like we talk a lot more now,” Whitehead said.  “They gave me the option to play both.  I feel like for me I’ve been leaning more towards running back in my recruiting situation.  That’s been a big thing to hear from them that I have the option to play that.  They are pretty high on my leaderboard right now.”

As for how the other three schools view Whitehead, he said Wisconsin wants him strictly as a running back, Georgia strictly as a linebacker and Tennessee said he could play either.

Whitehead has not visited anywhere since his last visit to USC. He took an official visit to Tennessee the end of August. He was scheduled to take an official to Wisconsin last weekend but his injury prevents him from travelling right now. He plans to take that visit with the Badgers in November. He said he also will get back to USC, Tennessee and Georgia at some point once he’s able to travel.

USC has a good shot at Whitehead but that nearby school in Athens, he lives about 30 miles outside the city, could prove to be a formidable challenger.

“Georgia is a situation in itself that’s outside of the others, in a different category,” he said.  “I just try to view that situation a little bit different than the others.  Of course, you’re going to like a program like that, and the opportunity at that school is also eye catching for me.” 

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