DJ Taylor

USC head coach Will Muschamp and secondary coach/defensive coordinator Travaris Robinson remain in strong pursuit of SAF DJ Taylor of Tampa, and they’re making progress. Taylor has been committed to Arizona State since the summer after taking an official visit to Tempe in late May. He said Muschamp texts him daily and also calls regularly, and he’s ready for Taylor to set his official visit date with the Gamecocks.

“He called me like last week or two weeks ago and wanted me to come up their for an official,” Taylor said.  “I’m thinking about doing the Vanderbilt game (November 2nd), so he said I might have to fly up their Saturday morning and go from there.”

Taylor has been keeping a close watch on the Gamecocks from afar with an eye on the play of the defense.

“I like to watch the defense a lot, and also one of my close friends is on the defense, (CB) John Dixon,” Taylor said.  “I like to watch him ball at the college level because that’s what we’ve always been talking about.  I’m also watching the whole team also to see what coach Muschamp does with the team, like if they lose, how he brings them back, and coach T-Rob (Travaris Robinson), how he keeps the defense united as one whole team and not let them panic and try to get better.”

The presence of his good friend Dixon with the Gamecocks is no small matter in Taylor’s recruiting.

“John Dixon always keeps up, like every week, what you going to do, you need to get up here and see how it is, all that kind of stuff,” Taylor said. “He wants another kid from the Tampa Bay area that can play with him.  And he thought I can fit that defense that they have and have a chance to start early too.” 

Taylor said he remains committed to Arizona State at this point but USC and Louisville, and to a lesser degree Penn State, are also on his mind.

“Still looking at other schools also, taking advantage of the recruiting and looking around still,” he said. “I want to see the game atmosphere and if I feel the vibe, the feeling of a player and a student-athlete better than I felt at ASU.”

This weekend Taylor will take an official visit to Louisville and he’ll celebrate his birthday with the Cardinals. He’s not sure when he’ll make a final decision. He will sign in December but he will not graduate early.

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