Bryan Edwards (89) eyes a pass against North Carolina Tar Heels defensive back Patrice Rene (Travis Bell/SIDELINE CAROLINA)

It’s been a rocky week for USC fans following the loss to North Carolina and the injury to quarterback Jake Bentley. An upset loss to the Tar Heels, in which the Gamecocks blew an 11 points lead with 20 minutes to play, set off a contingent of supporters who took to social media and the airwaves to express their discontent. Thursday night USC AD Ray Tanner joined us on SportsTalk to answer questions about his support for Will Muschamp and how he’s dealing with some of that fan unhappiness.

Ray Tanner on SportsTalk

1 thought on “Tanner attempts to calm the waters on SportsTalk (AUDIO) #Gamecocks”

  1. I’m not a proponent to remove Muschamp and I think we should give him 2-3 more years, but, I don’t trust Tanner on this topic because Muschamp is his pick, Tanner is the one that has us under a 22 million dollar release buy out this year, and 19 million next. If Muschamp is ever run off, Tanner should go too

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