Desmond Tisdol

LB Desmond Tisdol of Rochelle, GA has been hotly pursued by USC and several others over this recruiting season. At one point, it appeared he might make a summertime decision, and the Gamecocks, as the first to offer, appeared to be in strong shape. But overtime, that lead has vanquished as Tisdol weighed other options. He’s now primarily looking at USC, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Kentucky and Georgia Southern.

“Desmond has his focus down to a few schools,” Wilcox County coach Rob Stowe said.  “South Carolina has always been one of the constants.  Couple of schools he’s always been interested in filled up quicker than he anticipated, so he was kind of left with not being able to commit to them maybe.”

This Saturday Tisdol will visit Georgia Tech. The following Saturday he plans to be at USC for the Alabama game. He is looking at visiting Kentucky for a game in October. The only official visit set at this point is to Florida State in December for their team awards banquet.

“I think Florida State is hoping he remains uncommitted up to that point and they seal the deal on that day,” Stowe said.  “I think he likes them.  He’s got an open mind.  If he really just absolutely knew that was the school he would have already committed to them, and he hasn’t.  While they may be one of the top schools he’s looking at, I wouldn’t call them necessarily the leader, but he definitely likes them a lot.”

As for the Gamecocks, Stowe said they’re doing all they can at this time with Tisdol from a recruiting standpoint.

“Still remain in contact with him pretty constantly,” he said.  “They send him artwork stuff every week.  I’d say they’re still recruiting him pretty hard.”

Reports of academic concerns have been on the Internet but Stowe said Tisdol is having his best academic semester ever and should be fine when it comes to being fully qualified.

USC also likes Stowe’s junior linebacker Martez Thrower, and he will join tisdol on his visit to USC.

“He’s not as twitchy as Desmond, but he’s faster,” Stowe said.  “When he hits somebody, you know it.  That kid can hit.  He brings it.”  

Tisdol visited USC in January and was back for a camp in June. He visited Florida State twice in June. He also visited Georgia and Auburn and was very interested in those two, but he was not a take for either at that time.