Jacolbe Cowan

DE Jacolbe Cowan of Charlotte remains a national presence on the recruiting scene, and he only enhanced his status with his showing earlier this week at the Rivals Five-Star Challenge in Atlanta. Next up will be a trip to Dallas for next week’s The Opening competition.

“It was definitely worth while,” Cowan said.  “I got a good chance to bond with other national recruits and guys that I’ve been knowing for a couple of years now.  And overall, it was a good experience as far as competition and enjoying ourselves.  As far as the drills and one on one, I think I set myself apart from a lot of guys.”

Before the dead period struck, Cowan got in his first official visit to Ohio State. The new coaches with the Buckeyes did a good job opening his eyes to what they see as they future of their program.

“Going into the visit I had a very high expectations and I can honestly say Ohio State exceeded,” Cowan said.  “With the coaching change that they had with Urban Meyer leaving, I expected things to be a lot different, especially being that they have a new head coach.  But very little has changed with them and I got a chance to see that first hand and see the overall atmosphere and environment.  Nothing much has changed with the program.”

Cowan also got back to USC for an unofficial visit earlier this month. It was just a one day stay but it was enough to further build the relationship with the Gamecocks that remains strong. He plans a return visit to USC after the dead period ends in late July but no date has been set. Cowan said he hears daily from the Gamecocks with Will Muschamp, John Scott and Bobby Bentley in touch.

“They are definitely a top school of mind,” Cowan said.  “Nothing has really changed.  If anything, our relationship has gotten stronger and my view on South Carolina has gotten bigger and better.  Nothing has changed.  They are still a top school of mind and I still consider them a priority like they consider me.”

Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina are three others Cowan said are high up on his list at this point. His remaining official visits will go a long way in determining his decision.

“The biggest thing right now is official visits and finding a place that’s best for me and a place I know checks all the boxes,” he said.  “Academics, of course, is the most important thing.  You look athletically and socially as well.  You want to be at a place you know you can fit in and you feel at home.  So, there are a lot of boxes I would say.  There’s a few schools that really check those boxes and South Carolina is definitely one of them.”  

Some of the others he has mentioned on his short list are Clemson, Alabama, Oklahoma, Oregon, Penn State, NC State and LSU. Cowan plans to sign in December and graduate early.