Desmond Tisdol

The battle rages on between USC and Auburn for the heart of LB Desmond Tisdol of Rochelle, GA. Though the month long dead period put a halt to in person contact until late July, the phone calls and text messaging continue as coaches from both sides keep in touch with Tisdol on a daily basis. Right now, it does not appear a decision is imminent, and that might be in the Gamecocks’ favor.

“He told me today his plan is to commit in December and sign then,” Wilcox County coach Rob Stowe said Wednesday night. “The longer this thing goes, the better it is for South Carolina. He said he’s still leaning to Auburn, but says he’s not certain that’s his school. The longer this goes seems to favor South Carolina. Coach Hutzler wants him to official (visit) during their banquet in December. If he’s not committed to Auburn by then, I’d like South Carolina’s chances.”

Stowe said Tisdol has just a few criteria he’s using to measure the schools.

“Close proximity for his family, how he fits in with coaches and players, and the chance to win.”

Tisdol’s seven-on-seven team plays in a tournament Thursday and then next week all is dead in Georgia until after the Fourth when Tisdol will get back to his workouts. His coach said Tisdol hit his max on the squat Tuesday at 500 pounds.