Myles Tate

USC basketball coach Frank Martin signed the state’s top guard in the 2019 class in Hartsville’s Trae Hannibal. He is trying to accomplish the same for the 2020 class with Myles Tate of Dorman. Martin and the Gamecock staff have been active with Tate in terms of visits and watching him this summer. And Monday Tate was back at USC with his parents for a five hour meeting.

“It went real well,” Tate said.  “We went up in the meeting room with Coach Martin and the whole staff and we had a good talk.  We went around and talked to people who are over the academics and they told me what the academics are all about.  And when met with Coach Martin and we talked about the future.  He was just letting me know how I would fit in, the situation I would be in in terms of playing style and how much he trusts me as a point guard right now.”

And Tate left the meeting with a clear understanding of what Martin would expect of him in running his offense.

“He put it into perspective what is definitely a good situation for me,” Tate said  “It is something I can look into and take into consideration.”

If he were to choose the Gamecocks, Tate knows he’d be paired in the backcourt with Hannibal, and he feels that would be a good situation for all.

“He’s a great player and he can do multiple things, so we would play off each other and it would be a good situation with us two in the backcourt,” Tate said.

Virginia Tech has been his only other unofficial visit to date and he has no other visits planned at this point. The schools standing out the most with him right now are USC, Virginia Tech, Appalachian State, Murray State and The College of Charleston.

Tate said he will now focus on some upcoming events this month with his high school team, including this weekend in Columbia. And in July he’ll be back with his AAU club for a couple of more tournaments. After that, he said, he’ll get back into the recruiting scene.