Reggie Grimes

DE/TE Reggie Grimes of Brentwood, TN continues to have a strong relationship with USC. Outside of committed quarterback Luke Doty of Myrtle Beach, perhaps no Gamecock target in the 2020 class has visited more often. Grimes was on campus this past weekend for his official visit and that made his fifth visit to Columbia for recruiting purposes. There’s no doubt the Gamecocks will be a player for the Alabama legacy all the way to the end.

Grimes has seen about all he can see of the brick and mortar part of the program. And he knows the coaches inside and out. This visit gave him the chance to see what the soul of the Gamecock program looks like, and he was impressed by what he saw inside.

“How open the players were,” Grimes said. “How the coaches were determined to do things the right way, including little stuff, where they’re trying to change the culture there. The way they play, how fast they play, how smart they play, stuff like that.”

Grimes got some more one-on-one time with Will Muschamp who has thrown himself directly into this extended recruiting process. And the Gamecock head coach continues to deliver a message that’s appealing to Grimes.

“We want you, we want to develop you more,” Grimes said Muschamp told him. “We want to develop you into a dominant force, develop you and help you become a part of the team that’s going to be a dominant force n the SEC. They want me feel comfortable with them and the players, and I do. We’ve built our relationship over the past three years. And I can play whatever I want to play there, and come in and play early. That’s a big thing. It’s a great place and it gets better every time we go back.”

And Grimes plans to be back. This time for the Alabama game in September. The only other visit he has planned right now is an official to Alabama the following weekend. Grimes still has Florida State, LSU, Tennessee and Vanderbilt on his short list and it’s clear USC will have a seat at the table as this recruiting saga plays out.

“They are definitely towards the top,” Grimes said. “I don’t have a number one right now, so not number one, but they are definitely close to that.”

Grimes said he’s taking a break from recruiting for the immediate future but eventually will get around to scheduling more official visits. He will not sign until February so he’s not rushing a decision and could wait as long as his national all-star game before announcing.