PJ Hall

New NCAA basketball recruiting rules now allow prospects up to 15 official visits thru the end of their college career. 6-9 forward PJ Hall of Dorman, considered the state’s top prospect for 2020, already has knocked off two. He went to Florida over the weekend then arrived at Clemson Sunday and went thru the recruiting treatment Monday.

“We went to their lift in the morning and their training session and came out of that and went with the coaches for lunch,” Hall said.  “We got a tour of the football facilities, the operation center, that was awesome.  We came back and talked about our recruiting and then we went to their practice and had a photo-shoot.” 

Hall said most of his contact with the Tigers had been generated by their former director of recruiting Lucas McKay who is now at UMKC. So, he spent most of his time visiting with head coach Brad Brownell and assistant Dick Bender.

“The guy that was recruiting me before Coach Bender was Lucas McKay, and now it’s Bender and he’s really picked up where McKay left off,” Hall said.

“I’ve always had good talks with them.  Coach Brownell was saying he could never promise me playing time, but he was saying that I have a bright future, but there’s a lot to figure out, there’s a lot I could do but can’t do right now.”

Hall said two more definite official visits for him will be Virginia Tech and Tennessee. He said he also remains in regular contact with USC coach Frank Martin and an official visit with the Gamecocks is also on the table.

Hall plans to make his decision before his senior season.