Colten Gautier

USC has offered several 2021 quarterback prospects and a few have risen to a level of prominence in the eyes of Will Muschamp and quarterbacks coach Dan Werner. Apparently one of those is Colten Gauthier of Dacula, GA. Werner offered Gauthier earlier this month and Thursday the quarterback made his first trip to USC. He was impressed by what he saw, starting with Williams-Brice Stadium.

“I was pretty amazed by it, it’s really a nice stadium” Gauthier said.  “We pulled into the new facility where all the offices are and from the moment I walked in I was amazed with every little detail in the building.  They really took care of me.  They gave me a great photoshoot, really put in a lot of effort.  They showed me a lot of love there.  The strength coach was really nice, he took a lot of time to talk with me.  I sat down with Coach Werner and and Coach Muschamp and talked with them for about an hour.  They showed me a lot of love and I really appreciated it and I definitely plan on going back.”

Gauthier said he also had meetings with Muschamp and Werner, each meeting serving a distinct purpose.

“Me and Coach Muschamp was more of a relationship kind of thing,” Gauthier said.  “But me and Coach Werner went back to his office and started doing some film work and on the board.  Mainly, he was showing me how they do some things in their offense, and I started getting up on the board drawing a couple of plays, like first and ten situation, first and long situation, my progression, protection and everything like that.  So, I really enjoyed that.”

Gauthier left the visit feeling good about the Gamecocks, and from what he could tell, he feels they feel good about him as well.

“I don’t really have like a list, but they are definitely a priority,” he said.  “They’re definitely, from now on, going to be a priority for me and we’re definitely going to be back there.  I’m definitely a top priority (for the Gamecocks).  I’m not sure exactly, but by the way he (Werner) was talking, I was definitely number one. They have a lot of quarterbacks offered, but by the way he was talking, he was kind of hinting that I’m definitely number one, a top priority.  I personally feel like I am the top. Definitely just from his body language and the way he was talking, along with Coach Muschamp, because I had that conversation with Coach Muschamp in the room with me, from both of them, I could definitely feel that I was definitely number one, but if not, I was definitely at least top three, definitely a priority.”

Gauthier said he will return to USC for a camp next month. Friday he will visit Troy. June 1st he goes to Duke, June 15th to Miami and June 15th to UCF.