Will Muschamp makes final Spurs Up Tour stop in Lowcountry (AUDIO)

South Carolina’s Will Muschamp pointed to the depth of his defensive line featuring Javon Kinlaw, Keir Thomas and Kobe Smith as a reason for optimism heading into this season.

Story by Matt Smith

South Carolina head football coach Will Muschamp addressed the media Tuesday ahead of the final stop in the Spurs Up Tour and touched on a variety of topics. Muschamp was quick to highlight the competitive depth he believes his defense has established due to some young players seeing significant playing time last season. He rattled off a long list of players including veteran defensive linemen Javon Kinlaw, Keir Thomas and Kobe Smith that he thinks will lead to improved play from the front seven.

Standing within sight of the Ravenel bridge connecting Charleston to Mount Pleasant, Muschamp updated the status of Wando product OrTre Smith, “OrTre has been cleared. He’s doing everything. Really pleased with his rehab and how that’s gone.”

A topic this offseason amidst the Spurs Up Tour has been finding the keys to unlocking a productive running game. Muschamp put the responsibility on his running backs to improve, “The bottom line is against good people, we have not made that guy miss, we haven’t run through contact consistently well, I think we have capable guys, we just haven’t done it. A lot of times, we’ve got the box blocked and we’ve got to be able to gain more yards in those situations.”


5 thoughts on “Will Muschamp makes final Spurs Up Tour stop in Lowcountry (AUDIO)”

  1. Sure hope so. We were so beat up last year that even clemtech beat us. Perhaps, with the fresh talent and depth, we’ll be strong on D this year…O is another matter.

  2. StonewallJackson

    Thanks for the laughs, both commenters. .

    The D can’t go anywhere but up and with Jake returning behind center, the Gamecock offense will be unbeatable…duh..huh…

    South Carolina’s best hope is for Feaster to transfer in and hope Hilinski can beat out the Yipper(aka Jake, Yippy etc.). Feaster would bring immediate upgrade in talent and Ryan would bring a more grounded QB mentally, who has a much more accurate arm, and far more upside.

    Muschamp is gradually improving the culture and recruiting base by taking cues from both Saban and Swinney on how to transform a program.

  3. Really mr Jackson…the culture?!?! Like, clemtech’s been that way for decades? 6 years ago you, and probably everybody you knew, wanted dablow gone. Culture? Clemtech won the a-she-she once or twice in 20 something years, and now, mr Jackson, et al, are great pontificators of “culture”….lol…. we don’t need lessons from you or yours, we’ll be back to relegating clemtech back to a third rate team in a 5th rated conference….just you wait

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