#STRecruiting: Huntley sees common thread thru his top six schools

Alex Huntley

Hammond DL Alex Huntley Friday night revealed the six schools he considers his top six and the programs he will focus on moving forward in the recruiting process.  Huntley has his list down to USC, Georgia, Texas, Oklahoma, LSU and Stanford.  He has visited the first four and is hoping to see the other two before deciding on his official visits.

“I think a big common thing about them all is really the atmosphere,” Huntley said. “I just loved all the places when I went. Some of them I haven’t been to but the four that I did choose, I love the atmosphere. The two that I haven’t been to, LSU and Stanford, I like the coaches, what they can do for me, not even the coaches but the programs also. Those are all solid six possibles that I thought could get me to the next level. Don’t get me wrong, some of the colleges that weren’t on that list were great colleges and I felt they could do the same. I just feel that those six were the best ones for me with everything included.”

Huntley said of the six, USC has been making the hardest recruiting push for him, and he said the Gamecocks are attractive him not just because they are a few miles down Devine Street from his home.

“Not only because they’re so close,  but they are like one of the hardest recruiters,” he said. “It’s always good hearing from them. I went to a little bit of a spring practice. It was great. I didn’t get to catch the whole thing because it was just after a workout, but it was great.”

Huntley said he might pop back over to USC for another spring practice and is also looking at attending the spring game there April 6th.

He plans to make his decision between late summer and early October.  And he has a template in mind for the program that will win him over.

“One is to get an education,” Huntley said. “That’s the thing that comes first because one day the game is going to stop, and so my education that I’m going to have,  that I’m gong to need, that’s going to be a real big one. Who is going to give me the best opportunity to get to the next level, be a better football player and a better man. Who is going to make me the best me that I can be.”

Some of the schools that offered Huntley and didn’t make the cut include Arkansas, Tennessee, North Carolina, Auburn, Nebraska and Virginia.

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