#STRecruiting: Newly offered linebacker says Muschamp likes him a lot

Antonio Doyle

This week USC coach Will Muschamp offered LB Antonio Doyle (6-4 221) of St. Louis and has been working him hard since then.  Doyle is a highly recruited prospect and said he loves his home state and his home state school, Missouri, and thus will be hard to pull out of there. But he’s at least willing to listen to pitches from Muschamp and other coaches.

Doyle said Muschamp and Gamecock linebackers coach Coleman Hutzler have been talking to him, and they offered without having seen him in person.

“I’ve been kind of blowing up in the media,” Doyle said. “I got four offers in one day and that kind of sparked it up for me. So, I’m guessing they saw me in the media, hit my line, got my coaches number and let my coaches know they want me to be a part of the program. They will be coming to look at me.”

Doyle can play inside and outside linebacker.  He can even play a little on offense.  Muschamp and Hutzler have not specified their plans for him and he’s OK with that.

“They just want me to come play man,” he said. “I’m kind of versatile. I can do everything. I can play offense if they wanted me to play offense. It wouldn’t matter, they just want me there. Muschamp is a cool guy. He’s pretty straight forward as far as what he wants and he let me know he feels like I can help the program, I can make the program better and spark things back up on the defensive side.”

The Gamecocks are new in the game with Doyle and he’s never visited.  And he said he really doesn’t know all that much about the program.

“All I know as far as South Carolina is Deebo (Samuel),” he said. “They call him Deebo, the wide receiver? That’s about as much as I know. Watching football, I focus on the star player and that’s the name that was ringing bells when I was watching, and he’s Antonio Brown.”

USC isn’t the only SEC program making a play for Doyle. Missouri is heavily involved and he admitted it will be hard to convince him to leave home.

“I love my city, I love my state,” Doyle said. “I have to, I have to. I say Missouri is showing some tough love and I’m liking those guys. Texas A&M, LSU. Coach (Jimbo) Fisher (A&M) has been contacting me ore than any head coach. . Coach (Barry) Odom (Missouri), has been keeping in contact and talking to me.”

Doyle has visited Nebraska, Illinois, Purdue and Missouri.  He plans to get to USC this summer and also is going to get to LSU and Texas A&M.  He also has offers from Georgia, Auburn, Kansas State, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Michigan, Michigan State and others.

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