1. Don’t know if today’s game was a case of Clemson sleep walking, not taking Wofford seriously and looking towards Auburn next week, or a case of the Tigers not being a good team right now. I know that Wofford is a good team, but I am disappointed by Clemson’s play today. Bad offensive line play, missed assignments and tackles by the defense, and senseless play calling in terms of the fake field goal call made for a might struggle by the Tigers. Clemson MUST get better, and a lot better, in order to beat Auburn next week. I know a lot of people is going to wanna blame Dabo for today’s performance, but Kevin Steele deserves a lot of criticism today as well as a result of the Tigers defensive effort. Clemson looked worse, not better, than they did against Troy. Hopefully they are scared enough by surviving today and will step their game up next week.