December 1, 2015

Fed up with NFL’s problems, fantasy football expert calls it quits

Fantasy Buddha

Jeff Driggars, AKA “Fantasy Buddha”

Jeff Driggers, AKA “Fantasy Buddha,” has been one of our mainstay football segments over the course of the past decade or so but, unfortunately, that is coming to an end.  Why on earth would we stop doing a fantasy football segment not even a month into the NFL season ? Well, because for Buddha, it isn’t fun anymore. No, not the radio segment with us, come on, that’s a blast. It’s the NFL’s off the field circus that has taken the joy out of it for him.  Here’s how Buddha explained it to us:

I have tried for months to keep my focus and push through this most recent swell of NFL negativity, but it just kept coming in, wave after wave. The Redskins name controversy, Ray Rice, Greg Hardy, Josh Gordon, Wes Welker, Ray McDonald, Jonathan Dwyer, Adrian Peterson, the mishandling along the way of every single one of these situations by commissioner Roger Goodell and finally the stark realization that Goodell is merely an impotent figurehead who bows down to the real people in charge of the league, big corporations like Budweiser and Nike. Now, I’m afraid I simply can no longer continue to cultivate and maintain an identity that links me so closely to this league which now repulses me.

The past nine years being “Fantasy Buddha” has been a labor of love. Love for what seems like a now bygone NFL and an intense love for the game of fantasy football. Love for the listeners and followers who have ardently supported me via radio, my blog and on Twitter. And most importantly, love for the countless hours I have shared on-air with Kevin McCrarey, Phil Kornblut and former intern/producer Eric Guimaraes. You gave me my first shot and introduced me to sports talk radio back in 2006 and you’ve stuck with me ever since. Words cannot express the pleasure I’ve had working with you all or how much that experience has helped me to elevate my game and the games of our listeners. Now, unfortunately, the passion I once possessed for bringing fantasy football to the masses has been sapped from me. Please forgive me, because I am past my tipping point and no longer want to be linked in any way, shape or form to the National Football League.

It goes without saying we were disappointed to hear the news from Buddha, but we certainly understand. How many times have you heard a coach or player say, “I’ll retire when the game isn’t fun anymore.” Well, for Buddha, right now the game isn’t fun any more.  We appreciate all of Buddha’s great insight; we’d put his knowledge on par or above any of the fantasy experts out there.  He’s walking away on top of his game.

Connor cut: Browns put Connor Shaw on waivers

Connor Shaw was  cut by the Browns Saturday.

Connor Shaw was cut by the Browns Saturday.

Connor Shaw did not make the cut for the Brown’s 53 man roster Saturday. The news was first reported by NFL reporter Aaron Wilson. The team cut Shaw, who was battling veteran Rex Grossman for the third quarterback role. Johnny Manziel is the backup behind starter Brian Hoyer.

Shaw played in two of the Brown’s four preseason games. In his first action he completed 8-9 passes for 123 yards and a touchdown. In Thursday’s game against the Bears Shaw didn’t attempt a pass, but he ran the ball six times for 20 yards. He didn’t get into the game until the fourth quarter in both of his preseason appearances.

Shaw, USC all-time winningest quarterback could still earn a spot on the Browns practice squad if he clears waivers.



Tajh Boyd doesn’t make Jets final cut, released by team

Tajh Boyd didn't make the final cut with the Jets.

Tajh Boyd didn’t make the final cut with the Jets.

The New York Jets decided not to make Tajh Boyd part of their 53 man roster and cut the former Clemson star Saturday afternoon. The Jets selected the Tigers record setting quarterback in the seventh round of the May NFL draft.

Boyd did his best to make is case to earn a roster sport Thursday when he completed seven of 12 passes for 92 yards and a touchdown. He was sacked twice, but also ran three times for 16 yards.

The Jets are going with Matt Simms and Michael Vick as the two QBs behind starter Geno Smith.

Boyd still has a shot to stick around in New York if the team elects to sign him to the practice squad.


Clowney questions: Still no valid reason Clowney shouldn’t be top pick (AUDIO)

Jadeveon Clowney only did a few drills Wednesday.

Jadeveon Clowney (right) only did a few drills Wednesday.

USC Pro Timing Day 2014, better known as “Clowney Day,” took place at Williams-Brice Stadium this morning. Every NFL team, sans the Browns and Titans, had somebody there to take a look at Clowney and, to a much lesser degree, the rest of his draft eligible Gamecock teammates that were participating in the drills. I am not going to sit here and tell you I have a clue about what exactly happens at these things. From my untrained eye it looks like a bunch of guys running around chasing cones, hoping over mats and grabbing tennis balls. I left the stadium with the same impression I’ve always had about Clowney; he is a freakishly talented football player and the best player in the upcoming draft.

It was the same old story at Williams-Brice today.  People watched and raved about  Clowney’s explosiveness and speed. “How does a guy that big move like that?” was one of the many rhetorical questions I heard muttered by some of the 100 plus credentialed media there. The questions about is commitment and dedication to football that have been overblown by so-called experts like Mike Mayock disappear pretty fast when people see Clowney up close on a football field.  Not sure how a supposedly out of shape and unmotivated 274 pound man-child trots out and runs 4.5 40. No, Clowney isn’t superman; he doesn’t make every single play. But he does make big plays and he makes ones that count. I don’t know if Clowney will go first next month because I don’t know what the Texans are thinking. Bill O’Brien was here today and told us Houston is still “wide open” on who it will take. If O”Brien wants to roll the dice and gamble that a guy like Johnny Manziel or Teddy Bridgewater is going to be a franchise quarterback, that’s his call. Those guys may be All-Pros, or they may be a Ryan Leaf redux. Quarterbacks are always a crap shoot. Clowney is not a crap shoot. So long as he’s healthy, he has the talent to sleep walk through a 10 year career that will land him in multiple Pro-Bowls. But, given the fact this guy is a lot more motivated than people think, I’d say there is a much better chance Clowney will be a Hall of Famer than an NFL bust. How many other guys in this draft can you say that about?

Is there anyone that can make a valid point why Clowney shouldn’t go first?  I’m not talking about the mindless “He’s overrated/out of shape/doesn’t like football/doesn’t try” nonsense spewed by television hacks and  fans of teams that Clowney didn’t play for.  If someone has a legitimate reason why this guy can’t play at a high level in the NFL, I am all ears.

So, with that said, in my humble opinion, Houston should either draft Clowney first, or, trade the pick to a team that will (Atlanta) and load up on extra picks and take a gamble on a quarterback.

It’s a no-brainer.

Take a listen to Clowney making the same case below:

AUDIO: Clowney at USC Pro Timing Day [10:00]


Cam Newton is a fine quarterback, but a terrible singer (VIDEO)

Here’s the setup: Somebody thought it would be a good idea to have Cam Newton and Colin Kaepernick host an awards show on Cartoon Network. Somebody thought it would be a good idea for Newton and Kaepernick to sing Katy Perry’s “Roar” during the show. You probably know the results didn’t go well. Watch the clip below if you dare.